WuTang Parental Advisory Listening Party at Gibson

WHAT A NIGHT! Bobotouch was pleased to attend a very unique special listening party and exclusive performance by the next WuTang Clan Generation, WuTang Parental Advisory, at Gibson, with Tequila Avion as a liquor sponsor. The new group was created by entreperneaur and executive producer of WuTang Clan, Oliver “Power” Grant. All the production involved brings a mix of the original WuTang classic sound to the new current day sonic treatment by Cruise. The Parental Advisory features new voices from Kash, Chunky Pockets and Turnpike Ike. Everyone was greeted by Rob MTV and Amanda Diva as well as the legendary Poppa Wu setting the tone for the night. The night finished off with bringing up original WuTang Clan member, Cappadonna, joining them for two power house tracks. Look out for their new remix EP out on June 9th powered by Blend and go cop their current mixtape.



You can stream two new tracks here:


Make sure you see Bobo Touch rocking Wu wear too.