We’ve Been On That Cooking Flow Lately! Is This Guy Bobo?

Imma teach you how to make it, he exclaims! And he pulls through. Brandon Scott, a comedian YouTuber, really inspired us recently to make some Lasagna. This bass thumping mumbly rap is dumb AF and informative, just the way we like it. Starting out in the supermarket with exceptional dance moves, one can only assume he is there to buy some lasagna and shit right? Well instead you don’t really see any buying of Lasagna but we get introduced to his astonishing chef outfit and crossed eyed man, a looming mysterious man in a shopping cart with stuffed-friends — we were hooked right in.

The cameras continuing zoom in and out to the beat got us really moving. Towards the end there’s a very special mumbling section that needs extra close attention. This guy has some good tips and is not afraid to get messy. We imagine a Bobo cooking show to be kinda like this, or maybe with Action Bronson, is this guy Bobo?

It also challenges another one of our recent discoveries “Sweet Potato Casserole” which is also pretty thumpin’