Watch This Swivs Music Video and Let’s Interact

Our good brother Will Schalda has been making some amazing stuff over at Swivs, his electronic dance DePop band, which we have been really enjoying lately. This music video for ‘Let’s Interact’ is both amazing and filled with old school everything, and has a message that we love!  Cellphone laser eyes dope fx!

Here’s a note from masta man Will himself.

HUMAN INTERACTION (HI) is an unfortunate, but inescapable fact of ‘life’ for now. Until VR and AR deliver us from this reliably disappointing experience, please try to make eye contact, address the human directly in front of you and smile (when applicable).

Will’s past musical acts include Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, the Budos Band, Paul and the Tall Trees, the Realistics and more. He’s an expert when it comes to making subway rats attack our faces, and is one hell of a news anchor, also his bio is the best fucking thing we’ve ever read.

Go subscribe to Will Schalda / Swivs on YouTube and check out URINAL OTTER TROUBLE.



Shooting super 8mm back in the day on a Will project. Photo: Denny Mui


On set with Will, Robo man orders some motor oil drink. Photo: Denny Mui