Watch This Hilarious Film about Brooklyn-Based Builders of Walls… Just walls

Boccamazzo Construction: We Build “Walls”! [Festival] from Paul Riccio on Vimeo.

The Department of Homeland Security has asked them to bid on the US/Mexico border wall, which the Boccamazzos think is a stupid friggin’ idea.

Filmmaker and master craftsman comedy director, Paul Riccio, brings us his new short film that is both politically topical and hilarious. Winning the short film competition at The Martha Vineyard International Film Festival this past weekend is just one of the many awards we know this short will win.

The film follows Bobby and Todd Boccamazzo who are from the great great great wall-builder family “Trebius Boccamazzo” from Pompeii. When getting a call about building a wall from the President to keep the Mexicans out, they are faced with many problems. Problems like “How is this wall going up, gonna affect my love for Mexican food?” and further deep reflecting moments like “If you think about a world without walls or barriers, it wouldn’t be real, it wouldn’t be a world”. These dudes really remind us of some people we know. It’s a Boccamazzo!

We work with Mexicans on our jobs, but we gotta build a wall to keep these Mexicans out. They gotta be over here. How are they gonna help us on the other side?? – Bobby Boccamazzo

Paul has really carved out his own style of parody/mockumentary where most of the time viewers question whether or not this is real — smart, hilarious and always super entertaining to watch. We still every year share the Timmy Brothers , a short film poking fun at artisanal culture, following the Timmy Brothers who peddle bespoke drinking water, like batches from the Gowanus Canal for just 11 dollars!

Boccamazzo Construction We Build Walls

Rizzo and Paul talking shop under the fiery sun (sponsor: Modelo)

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