Watch Illustrator Thomas Pitilli Draw “Strange Candy”

Our main dude and hunk of a man, Thomas Pitili, has created an original piece for us for Halloween. It’s essentially right up our alley and he really brought THE STRANGE! Thanks Tom! Here’s a little time-lapse video of Tom creating this “Nightmare fuel” as some Instagrammers put it.

Tom is one of the few native New Yorkers left living in Brooklyn, NY. He enjoys warm weather, good music, and writing in third person. His clients include such publications as New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, AIGA, Ebony, Billboard and more.  He has had several cameos in our videos (can you spot him?), and also enjoys sitting in our babies’s stroller.

Totally not staged @thomaspitilli #manbaby #sunday #chillin

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We are urging all trick or treaters to be careful out there this season. These are darks times, the darkest of all times actually. Do not accept candy or food that’s not packaged, as there might be razor blades in them, and if you egg someone you’re a real asshole.

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