Video : Photographer Justin Borucki Wet Plates Our Faces

Photographer Justin Borucki has been stirring up quite a scene lately. He has been taking his mobile not so mobile wet plate photo gear all over the streets of New York striking great intrigue from passerby’s, and his photos are fantastic — a beautiful antique old school portrait that is a piece of art. We met up with Justin at the Metuchen street fair in New Jersey, where he had his Snake & Camera Tintype Photo Booth set up and it was such a fun time. We had so many questions for Justin, and from the looks of it he couldn’t wait to be Bobo Touch’d.

Justin Borucki / Bobo Touch

How does one become a scientist, doctor, and professor?

I learned it using the internets. I came across a gentleman, his name is Quinn Jacobson, he has a book called Chemical Pictures, that was basically my textbook that got me through it — he also personally helped me out with it, Justin tells Bobo Touch.

justin borucki wet plates our face

via American Photo Mag

Justin is a commercial photographer that got his start by shooting the local Staten Island music scene, which naturally lead him to a career. He’s been shooting music photography for about 20 years now. He shot for artists like Pharrell Williams, Passion Pit, Badly Drawn Boy and many others. He does projects like wet plate for fun and he also has a pretty awesome farm. We hope to catch up with Justin soon on the streets on NYC.