Video: Personal Space is Mad Important, Do the Bobo

We are so excited to share our new video with the world. Personal space is something that has been irking us for a while. Whether you’re on the subway, in the street, at a bar or anywhere really — one’s personal sphere personal bubble should always be considered and you should never stand right on top of someone. Do not touch bods either.

You may already be familiar with the Police’s version of this tale, but we are not lusting over some student (is that what the song means?), we are poking some great fun at all New Yorkers to remember one’s personal zone. We totally get it if it’s a packed train and if you’re following proper etiquette tips, but if it’s an open train with visible ample seating then please sit over there. We typical require a 10 foot zone, but if absolutely necessary no less than 3feet (ok fine!). It’s also essential to make sure one’s teeth has been brushed and wearing the proper deodorant to ensure a great smooth ride. Also please check those backpacks and put them in front of your body, that’s another ‘zone encroachment’ that could end up in a worldstar scuffle!

Introducing a stacked 3-some of characters

Lets be real, the rats are taking over New York City… You got Pizza Rat officially addicted after having that first memorable moment, a Rat pole dancing showing off his/her skillz, and everywhere you look going into work you see those labor rats. In this city you gotta be alert, or you may just turn into one. AND THAT’S exactly what happens here to our dear friend Rodney. Rodney derives from the Poconos and just landed a gig in the Meat Packing District as a bell hop. He has zero tolerance for space invaders and likes to snack.

personal space

Rodney gettin’ some looks

Beedi is a Bronx native, born from a musical family of South Indian and Puerto Rican descent brings the Peace flute. A flute that only can play certain notes, but when those notes are played all evil is corrected and a good life is present. On top of that, Beedi follows the ancient code of Tartuto which allows music to be the ultimate healing in the life. When you see Beedi, YOU KNOW you’re in the wrong.


Hot Todd is our third character, and seems like the chicks are fawning over him or just confused by image… either way he’s sex. We discovered him at a Bruno Mars listening event in West Hollywood where he was mistaken as actual Bruno. He had words with a few on-lookers cause they were way too close to him, as he was delicately listening to Bruno and studying his vocal changes. The group ended up leaving the event by the pure attack of Hot Todd’s defensive play. We flew him down to Astor Place the next day to let off some of that space invading issues and put it into song.

personal space

Hot Todd happy to be here

Other Notable Offenses That Are Not Cool, man.

  • Close talking: Some may not realize this is happening, but please get out of our faces. These girls know da deal.
  • Loud music: Just put headphones on. After a long day of #werk nobody wants to hear your piss-poor music taste.
  • Leaning over someone’s shoulder to read their paper: Buy your own! This is a special reading sanctuary.
  • Don’t reach/touch someone else’s children: You shall end immediately
  • Driving personal space: Do not tailgate us, we will drive slower.
  • Entering a room: Please knock. We could be naked.

and the list can go on fo’evs. We like this tip list for public spaces invasions.

Our favorite clip to date on this subject is Rick and Morty, I mean, he just nails it. He takes personal space so seriously he doesn’t even need his skin!!

personal space

via youtube

This video has a much anticipated collaboration with Swivs, Julie Verardi, and Jaime Obradovich — who together makes this piece extra special for us. So we hope you enjoy the video and please spread the word! At the top of the day lets all RESPECT!

P.S. do the Bobo!