Video: Behind the Scenes of “Personal Space”

We dropped our Personal Space video a few months back, and the response was fantastic. We are so incredibly happy with the outcome of this piece, that we feel the need to share some more on how this video came to be. One of the main things that seems to be the biggest hit is our flute boy. Some are even calling for him to be a third reoccurring crew member in future Bobo projects, and we agree. Check out some behind the scenes moments of how we get down — all real, all natural. We record everything we do. #BigBrother

We casted the Flute Boy and it was completely random, but we knew from the correspondences that it was gonna be good. He knew what we were about, and was eager to flex some of his etiquette frustrations. For this post we specifically linked up with the eccentric Flute Boy, to ask him some much needed questions about his role and working with us. A role that a lot of our fans have questions about — so lets begin.


Bobo: When Bobo first approached you what did you think? 

Rodwin: At first I was super stoked about being a part of train etiquette. It’s something I feel needs to be in psa form, was a Lil taken back by the genie theme but ultimately thought what better way to spark curiosity.


Bobo: Did you have flute playing experience?

Rodwin: Never had flute experience but I tend to make anything look good on camera 🙂


Bobo: How many outfits did you bring to set?  

Rodwin: brought 2 outfit changes maybe 3 shirt options


Bobo: You really nailed it, what was your inspiration? 

Rodwin: Guess I was thinking of the genie from Aladdin. Wouldn’t that be anyone’s inspiration. 🙂


Bobo: Do you have troubles with rats in this city? 

Rodwin: I actually don’t see rats as much in the city so when I do I am terribly creeped out. In the 90’s they weren’t such a big deal


Bobo: As a bronx native do you hate personal space invaders and bad etiquette? 

Rodwin: I do hate space invaders and ppl who have no etiquette. I’ve always wanted to be a part of making that change in the Bronx and didn’t see anyway  until bobo touch. This should really be a psa, perhaps people don’t notice what they’re doing because they’re just so used to doing it. For them to visually see the error of their ways might make at the very least conscious responsibility. I don’t think the people want to be like this


Bobo: You came to set with rhymes and beats ready to go, we thank you for that! will you be willing to lay it down one day in the future?

Rodwin: I can surly lay down the lyrics when needed.


In case you missed it, check out our flute boy and “Personal Space” video! And always remember to do the bobo!