Video: Behind the Scenes of “Holiday Lights”

Well get your coquito bottles in your roids right now, cause it is one year ago that Roy and De Pouchiano went HAM at the Dyker Heights Christmas lights. Filled with tight dance moves of love, stone-ripped muscles and impeccable hair, these two had the time of their lives. Here’s a little behind the scenes look at recording Holiday Lights, and yep still in the original studio a.k.a. the kitchen, with Ellios Pizza in mouth.

This is quite the special one for many reasons.  The Dyker Heights lights has always been such a spectacle growing up with it all of our lives. We learned how Italian Americans love to show off and battle their epic houses with a side of braciole. Nothing says Christmas like this magical strip in Dyker Heights on 84th street. It really warms the hearts of everybody and people come from all over to see it — that’s cool but it’s also way too popular and we care too much about global warming. Another reason is Bobo got a brand spankin’ new AKG microphone and we got down heavily in Ableton, and we think it really helped this song break out from the others. As our friend DerekD said “the comedic version of the Beastie Boys” AKG MIC baby!

Roy and De Pouchiano plan on returning to the lights again this year, but maybe just to enjoy it and climb a big toy soldier. They got really winded last year from all the exotic dance moves and got vibed out pretty bad (must have been their authentic hair!). The dudes live every day like it’s their last and hope everybody can follow their Christmas motto… “Nuffin ever stops me. I’m gunna go out with my boyz, the kids can stay with the toys!”