Video : Back to School is Here, So Get Ya Pencils Out

Oh Jesus! It’s here, back to school… When parents can’t wait to get rid of their kids, and kids just can’t wait to vomit.  Why does it have to come? Summer always feels like it’s over right after Labor Day, but technically it’s not over until September 22st. No messing with the Almanac, it never lies. Back to school is here, so get ya pencils out.

Dorf and Brett are just enjoying another day at Coney Island Beach. Threatened slightly by the looming doom of the Hermine storm, the two venture out for a fun filled day of snacks, ball-tossing, frisbee, Coney Island lagers, and even some snake petting at the Coney Island Museum. It was a grand ol’ time and nobody was arrested. Dorf, a freshman in college, just finished Culinary class and is pretty excited for the school year. Brett, a Brighton Beach native who loves surfing and Sisqó, never wants summer to end. Both guys together make the most of their beach day… who wouldn’t?

They decided to spend 22 hours at the beach, even breaking night to try the Tilt-a-Whirl. The wives weren’t too thrilled with this beach RAGER. Still completely puzzled by the L&B Spumoni Garden shooting, the boys waited for the place to open, promptly at 11AM, had some squares and called it a day. “Living off the high from this beach day was one for the books”, Dorf tells a neighbor as he walks into his building. “Really was out-of-sight”, Brett tells his wife.

With the season ending, the boys would like to remind everyone that the time is now. Get out there and vote, and remember to enjoy summer as there’s still a few more weeks left. Also, it’s not Halloween yet, so all you stores can just chill down. Remember to stay focused this school year and be an AC when applicable.