This New Album May Be Too Catchy For Most People (LISTEN)

california pop music
The much anticipated 2nd album “California Pop Music Vol2” by Chase and Rose’s is here. Their first album, back in 2015 was our number 1 jam, although it’s a tough toss up with Karate. Comedians Casey Jost and Patrick Noth, together make up the pop duo, Chase and Rose. These songs are just way too catchy and poppy for most people and we really don’t think people can handle this, we certainly can’t. These dudes were born to be rich rappers. We’re gonna blast this shit from our cars.

The album leads with Summertime 2, which is an excellent follow up, mainly because they want to put butts on everything. Also some of these hot beats reminds us of this “PHAT BEAT”, which is great for summertime raging so makes total sense. Other hot songs like “computers” are pretty cool and talks about how to use email and send mail to grandma’s house with future predictions, such as how a microwave will want you to be thin and how computers will be faster than a lion. This is all true and good food for thought. “Bed Head” is also rocking providing insightful tips on keeping your natural lox and being less insecure about your bed head.

We can’t even imagine how they will out-due themselves with a volume 3, or even music videos for these tracks, or how they will visually show butts on a dashboard, but knowing these dudes they already have some videos about to drop. Give their songs a listen, on all the usual outlets and compliment your beach excursions with some audio mastery.