The Front Bottoms Have The Best Music Video

The Front Bottoms have the best music video, well at least we think so. We saw this gem about a year ago and like many others we have so many questions for them. Just a couple of good pals encapsulating the ultimate Staten Island backyard party on a trampoline, with Silly String, some murders, some pranks, and some legendary cameos. The only thing it’s missing is slutty mermaids. The song entitled “Backflip” is off of the Front Bottoms’ Talon of the Hawk, which is reviewed as the funnest album.

The video features Staten Island’s ginger prince Kevin Devine, comedian/actor Chris Gethard and Impractical Joker’s star Sal Vulcano. Video is directed by comedian/writer Jay Miller. Together they create magical precious moments.

“They are all idiots. I want 12 of them” – Destiny Dodson

We’re just glad these images were created, thanks Front Bottoms!

Brian Bonz and Mike Rizzo were fortunate enough to have worked with Sal Vulcano, while paying homage to Mr. T and demonstrating the “tummy to the top” pizza slice cutting maneuver.

Front Bottoms Music Video

Sal doing the Sal. From the “Backflip” music video.


While Kevin Devine dies a very painful tiki torch death, Chris Gethard seems to get it a lot worse via peanut-topped pizza by way of peanut allergy. Makes us want to get down with some fun unusual murder plots and wild out over some Joe & Pats Pizza, while delicately spraying some String on our genitals. Front Bottoms Backflip Music Video


The Front Bottoms is Brian Sella (vocals/guitar), Matt Uychich (drums),Tom Warren (bass), and Ciaran O’Donnel (keys/trumpet/guitar). These guys seem pretty cool. They even have a motorcycle club!



We interviewed Mathew Uychich to get a little more insight on this fantastic video, and what they’re all about.

Bobotouch: How did the Backflip video come together? Was it fun to work with mastermind comedian Jay Miller as a director?

MU: Knowing Jay we told him he has free range to get crazy with us — one day and make it fun, exactly what he did. We had a blast working on the backflip video! Jay and everyone involved couldn’t have done a better job.


Bobotouch: Was it tough to make the fake human dead bodies? How much pizza was eaten on the set of the video?

MU: Haha didn’t ask any questions about where Jay got those blow up guys. A lot of pizza


Bobotouch: How did the band meet?

MU: Brian and I met in elementary school. Years later after starting a band we were introduced to Ciaran who introduced us to Tom.


Bobotouch: Who is the best cook in the band?

MU: Ciaran loves to cook. And it’s great


Bobotouch: Where do you get most of your stage props? 

MU: The last few things we got was from this small company in Japan. One really sweet lady who still checks up on us to see how things are going in life.


Bobotouch: How do you guys normally write a song or demo?

MU: Brian will write the song skeleton and from that point we will all hash it out together.


Bobotouch: When is the next record coming out and how was working on it? 

MU: Soon!


Bobotouch: If The Front Bottoms were to be in a remake, What movie would it be?

MU: Right now at this time I’ll say  the fast and furious Tokyo Drift.


We look forward to their new album and hope one day to get killed off violently in one of their videos.