Video : Subway Etiquette – Let People Off Before You Get On

A Bobo Touch Original.

Seems like no one cares about proper subway etiquette – Let people off before you get on is one of the simplest rules. We are so very tired of being trampled while getting on the subway car. We just can’t take it anymore. It seems as if all regards for other humans have gone completely to crap. We ride the subway every day and seen some real rough stuff. It’s gotten so bad that the MTA launched the Courtesy Counts Campaign, which even has a little bit of tude to it! Nice.

Our song started about a year ago while our own, Brian Bonz, was having his first child and realized no one was giving up their seat to his pregnant wife. This is the first time he experienced this first hand, being a new daddy and all. So he started carving out the hook and taking more notice of subway douchery. How can you not give up your seat for a mom-to-be?!

“Your baby sucks.” Via YouTube.

There are all kind of offenders and different douche levels in the unground abyss. Our biggest one is “not letting people off the train before getting on”. This one really hurts us. This is such a simple rule but yet people just can’t wait to bum rush in. All we want to do is exit, we didn’t do anything to you to deserve to be thrown backwards. Didn’t even have my morning coffee yet, yo!

“Hurt my chest!” Via YouTube.

Then there is Manspreading. We’ve seen all forms of the spread…but let’s be fair, some ladies are guilty of it too. What happens when a lady Manspreads?

Have you ever had toe nails land on your knee? We have, and it was not good. It could be one of the worst things ever. An experience that stays with you. Nightmares for days. Depending on the cruddy-level and length of those pesky toenails. WTF! It even had one of our good buddies in memory lane hell.



“Clippin’ ya nails landin’ on my knee!” Via YouTube.

We all love a decked out meatball parm, it’s the best thing ever. Subjecting riders to your smelly and messy foods is a huge foul, unless you want to share some wings then bring it on. It’s been a long days work, ya kno?

Going With Eddie EATING


For a list of all unacceptable subway conduct, please check out this fantastic list by the Gothamist. Covers everything you need to know.

And if you need further aid, check out this Broad City sketch. Excellent sound design really conveys rider’s feelings.

It’s certainly hard to change behaviors, as this has been going on since the 1940’s, but if we can remind people in a fun way maybe it can reach one or two more people. These simple rules save us seconds, which equals minutes saved on all of our commutes!

So in a nutshell…Let’s go to Coney for a dippin’

Maggie G via Eddie Going