Video : Subway Creeps

A Bobo Touch Original.

We are so very tired of dudes lurking on babes in the streets and in the subway. Pulling out your junk and making women feel uncomfortable is NOT OK. We’ve all seen articles of major pervs and creeps, which puts these public masturbators in the spotlight…thats right! Today we release our new video Subway Creeps to bring awareness to this issue and giving some tips to the ladies if you are a victim of this crime.

Please dont do this / YouTube

This video features Instagram model & actress Jessenia Vice, burlesque dancer Tina Tassels and members of the Mobb Deep family, all delivering our message to perfection. This collaboration was a long time coming, and we are so excited to have them be a part of this silliness.


Subway Creeps

On set with our Queen B, Jessenia Vice.


Call Instagram, Call Facebook!

Now with super phones and our social media lives, we are urging victims to immediately take your phones out snap pictures and videos of these potential creepers. You may be nervous in the moment, but these masturbators need to be shamed on the World Wide Web, and it seems to be the best way of receiving justice by having this perv instantly shared for the world to see. We hate these kind of slurds. Today is the day they are going away.

Rizz and Bonz embody a weird hybrid child of Jonathan Davis and Eazy-E. Together they are the creep patrol, going around the subways at night looking for creeps. It seems to be pretty effective! Do you agree?

Creep Patrol / YouTube

So guys out there in the world, if you have the urge to rub one out please just go home and take care of yourself. Nobody wants to see your junk and you are confirming the thoughts that our grandmothers still have about New York City, that its filled with rapists, killers, and people who firebomb cars. Just go home and use a damn fleshlight — its better.

Creepin on Bae / YouTube