NYC Summer Montage

So this is something Rizz always wanted to do. Having a fresh new motorcycle named “Suzie” and a new GoPro Hero3 (with way too many mounts) it was now time to put action sports and filming into the same category, once and for all. Rizz and Fiancée Maxine also wanted to take advantage of their beautiful city by doing things they never done before, jet skiing the NYC Harbor, motorcycle rides, top of the Empire State Building, even VIP Coney Island beach parties that are normally reserved for Jared Leto. Set to an ultra feel good electronic dance song, by Big Black Delta, it surely does capture the fun they had with their friends and family. Oh and even Grandma Rizz Pellicani has a cameo appearance!


Grandma and Jay in full effect

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Rizz and Max Jet Skiing towards the Verrazano Bridge

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Coney Island beach party that Jared Leto had a hard time getting into

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Also be sure to check out this horrifying unedited fall into the Atlantic Ocean at 2mph.


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