Video : New Years Honest Talk, tips for surviving NYE.

A Bobo Touch Original.

A lot is happening in the world lately. We have the new comedy movie, The Interview, set to release but somehow our First Amendment rights are being challenged. All over a comedy? We have Facebook’s “Year in Review” causing a father who lost his daughter, unnecessary grief. We have (scary) hipsters moving into our lovely neighborhood and God forbid a high end coffee shop opens up… This is the end of Bay Ridge as we know it. We applaud Tommy Casatelli even though the authentic hipster as no interest in Bay Ridge. It’s cool though, new spots for us, with better beer options for a chill-down pal session. We present to you “New Years Honest Talk”, some sound advice to bring you into the New Year. As we embark into new days, we hope people stop complaining on social media, and make smart decisions on this big night. No body wants to be stuck in an alley way with endless projectile vomit! Save that energy for The Interview. We knew from the start it was an inside job!



Our fun reminder is meant to keep your night safe. New Years can be a scary fun time. You might even fall victim of Facebook’s “Year in Review” or get approached by some cantankerous cops at the local bar? It’s all so much better to happen while not profusely vomiting…You’ll need a balanced brain to do these dance moves!

So be a better you and try to persevere through your New Years Resolutions. Even if it means completely working out the wrong way.