New Album “California Pop Music” Will Be On Repeat Forever

Chase and Rose California Pop Songs
There are a few things in this world that gets us this excited, Pizza obviously being the big one, and the other is a new comedy album that makes you feel so good inside you just can’t contain it. This ultimate summer album will have you running for beach towels, learning karate, and itching for a chorus that just never comes. All these unimaginable feelings become imaginable quick via motivational pop beats, epic stories, craftily penned phrases, famous hooks you think you know, and the occasional banter of just dudes being dudes. Damn we love these dudes.
Chase and Rose, who’s 11 song new album “California Pop Music“, is clearly the best summer album of all time. For two dudes who never been to California, they really nailed it. Casey Jost plays Chase and Patrick Noth plays Rose, who together form Chase and Rose. One of their biggest dreams was to make an album, now their second biggest dream is to make a music video in California. They’re urging fans to keep buying the album and then screen grab the proof that they actually did buy the album so they can make their music video, and you can be part of pop history! (See vid below)

iTunes Link here.
Spotify link here.
And some tour dates.
Chase and Rose California Pop Songs
We’ve done lots of work with Casey Jost over the years and he was recently on GSN’s Lie Detectors, where he received no love, ay pobrecito. If any interest in helping these dudes out please email although we can’t guarantee it will go anywhere.
Check out their announcement video and please be “DTF”, Down To Flirt.