Video : Make The Lights Shake

A Bobo Touch Original.

Steamy alert! Two friends with weird delicate feet make the lights shake in a bathroom. No homo tho. Well, it’s actually just someone behind the camera on a dimmer. Movie magic is great!

Steven, played by Brian, is a guy who is born to Mow (just look at his hat!). Rocking an image of a over-sunned tourist type, he actually thinks it’s cool to wear a Hawaiian shirt…or maybe it’s just recycled from the Spiritual Hunter.  He’s a guy just looking for one answer in his life.

make the lights shake

Recycling shirts / Mummy Rizz

Eric, played by Rizz, is a skeptical guy and also pretty sentimental. His pop-up top hat is very dear to him because it marks the day Steven and Eric met, which apparently was in Germany over some drugs and stuff. Eric is clearly the bread maker in the relationship. 

Do you love me? We make the lights shake.

Everybody needs that sense of security in a relationship, but in this unearthly tale love security is not an option. The closest thing to a “yes” is an “alright” which really makes Steven feel like this.

Steven in the zone / YouTube.

With glorious Aphex Twin setting the tone, this scenario touches on the intricate moments in relationships and how you just wants to know if this love is real. Make sure to watch through to the surprise ending.