Local Hero Bushwick Tarzan Meets Strange Doctor in Episode 2 of ‘Bobo Touch Helpline’ (Video)

Bushwick is about to get a whole lot safer, because Bushwick Tarzan is watching over us. Today we release episode 2 of our ongoing comedy series Bobo Touch Helpline, where 2 dads attempt to have a side hustle by operating a dinky hotline in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. In this episode we get introduced to the fit yoga instructor and neighborhood hero “Bushwick Tarzan”, an iconic long-haired man who rocks a blue speedo, well-versed in spiritual therapy and a dope drummer on Instagram. So dig in cause you’re in for a trip.

bushwick tarzan

Bushwick Tarzan getting loose on Instagram

We kick off this episode with learning about Cindy’s misfortune. Cindy, 28, escapes her psych ward and is looking for her Bippie. Bippie, 4 (in frog years) a rare exotic creature, just wants to explore the outside world and decides to run away from Cindy. A panicked chase ensues, but when Bushwick Tarzan’s undies get a chill in the wind, he knows he has to help Cindy find Bippie. The people of Bushwick feel completely safe knowing he’s always watching from a bird’s eye view. Some say Bushwick Tarzan and Bobo Touch might have had some turf wars in the past, but it’s all in good community fun.
bushwick tarzan

Bippie talking about the lovely outside world

Bobo Touch receives a call about Cindy’s distress, since they have all neighborhood’s 311, 411, and 911 calls forwarded to their helpline and beeper, and they scoot off to Bushwick in hopes of making “a butter world”. Bushwick Tarzan is already on the scene and comforting Cindy when Bobo arrive on their questionable scooters. A serendipitous moment though because this leads to a dark sighting of an earlier arch nemesis Dr. Acid, who 18 years ago took down four college students with unimaginable rare oils and acid — an acid trip that killed one, left 3 others in bad condition. “A terrible incident. Those kids should have never went to Washington Square Park that day.” Willie Blues tells Bobo.

Dr. Acid giving out doses at the schoolyard

Bobo has been on Dr. Acid’s trail ever since and is dying to put him away once and for all. They witness strange drug doses being inserted into student’s mouths at the playground causing one kid to bark like a dog for over 2 hours. They can’t believe what they are seeing and that the infamous Dr. Acid is back. They seek answers, but first must inform the principle of the school, Principal Polly Peppers. “Her school is a bit different and doused in themes of the future. She has good ideology and her students are always on the cutting edge of technology” — former student now transit blogger Denny Mui tells Bobo.
bushwick tarzan

Principle Polly Peppers tells Bobo about their security detail.

Coincidentally while Bobo is informing Principle Polly Peppers of their new Dr. Acid discoveries, they realize that Bushwick Tarzan might have been affected by Dr. Acid’s maniacal behavior. Bobo puts up wanted posters for his capture and get some prime intel about the school’s security and how it can be prevented in the future. They touch base with Bushwick Tarzan’s girl Janeata, who also confirms that her man is tripping on some ‘strange doctor shit’, and that’s all Bobo needed to hear. The sausage way of life comes full circle in a grand effort to save the future of future.

The sausage way of life

bushwick tarzan

Bobo’s car apparently wasn’t available

If you wanna feel safe follow Bushwick Tarzan on Instagram and make sure to say wassup to him on the street. He typically tailors his mane at Bushwick’s Finest Barber Shop, and if you do see him, please tag us in a heroic selfie. #BushwickTarzan @BoboTouch

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This shit is so weird- in a good way. It’s like an inside joke taken all the way. I had to actually look up if Bushwick Tarzan is a real thing aside from this series. You guys are creating your own Tolkienesque mythology of Brooklyn – Daniel Allen, Instagram

I want “It’s a sausage way of life” on a t-shirt! – Paul Riccio

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Production Credits:
Director of Photography: Nick Perron-Siegel
AC: Brett Checkelsky
Opening Title Design: Julie Verardi
Motion Graphics/Design: Jay Liquori
Color Grade: Josh Bohoskey
EP / VFX Supervisor: Chris Kiser
Producer: Zach Fortin
3D Lead Artist: Ajit Menon
3D Animator: John Wilson
2D Lead Artist: Kshitij Khanna
Sound Design/Mix: Sam Shaffer
Sound Recordist: Monica Rodriguez

Directed, Written & Edited: Bobo Touch
Music: Bobo Touch, Niko Paterakis and Hot Throbb

Cindy… Teresa Farrell
Bushwick Tarzan… Hot Throbb
Dr. Acid… Edward Sellner
Student… Rodwin Avery
Niko the Apollo… Niko Paterakis
Principle Polly Peppers… Azusa SHESHE Dance
Janaeta… Tascia Chin
Barber… Vanni Blanko
Stranger… Rich Varroney
Tito… Vance Hammerton
Diego… Mike Strandberg

Special thanks to Bushwick Finest Barbershop, Fuzion Scooters, Sunoco Gas Station, Goodie, and everyone who pitched in to help. Also an extra thanks to Patrick and Teresa for getting practically naked in the cold for hours on end.