[LISTEN] Composite Beast Radio Hour From Maker Park Radio

Last night we came on the Composite Beast Radio Hour with our good friend Chris O’Brien at Maker Park Radio. It was a really beautiful time, and we brought back some of our favorite 90’s slang terms like “dope” and “sick” and “you’re a herb!” even combining some words to create the long forgotten “sick herb”, that’s a classic. We dove back into the importance of growing up in Bay Ridge, and how certain characters and crews influenced us with our music and filmmaking. Also covered how our etiquette topics came to be and why, and went over our new series “Bobo Touch Helpline” and future episodes that are about to drop. Chris is a beautiful human and we are happy to be included on his awesome show.

Check out the livestream below (also LINK HERE) and check out Composite Beast on Instagram.

The Makerspace in Staten Island is really inspirational. It offers opportunities for artists, engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs to make their ideas come to life. Maker Park Radio is inside the space and we had a chance to meet a few of the partners/colleagues and everyone was super awesome. You can tell how passionate they are about the artist community, and thrive on the idea of this being the “happy  place” for artists, which it’s definitely palpable.

At night, across the street, you can see some amazing very bright  fireflies and someone made a really cool guitar-esque sculpture that when the wind blows, it makes some beautiful sounds! OH and also Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others was shot here, so that’s also pretty cool.

composite beast

Musical sculpture outside the space

composite beast

About to go on, great shirts