Video : Line Cutters Create Evil, Reminiscent of Primitive Times

A Bobo Touch Original.

In this very busy crazy land we live in, there are lines and lines are meant to be waited in — nobody likes a line, geez no, but everyone hates a line cutter. Today we release our new video Line Cutters in hopes to de-herb those out there with evil line cutting intent. We see this happen too often and it’s yucky.

Lewis and Emmanuel, played by Rizz and Bonz, just landed an absolute killer apartment behind the Lion King theater on 8th avenue. Although it’s super rat infested (not God damn pizza rat), the two are having a ball rocking their dad tech vests and salmon colored midwest pants. WHAT-A-SIGHT. The other day they actually ran into the infamous “cool wolf” and they threw down some fireball shots.

Line Cutting

Lewis and Emmanuel at Whole Foods / Youtube

Waiting in line breeds so many different kinds of emotions and stress. There’s also different types of lines and formations to be aware of, usually all hinging on the environment and what one’s main objective is for being on that said line. Like a bank line you would imagine to be calm and chill, where as a Black Friday event or an Apple iPhone release date you know someone is going to die. When approaching a line any line, remember to be calm, wait your turn and remember human consideration, it will all be over soon. Just check out this read about what not to do while waiting on line, and how to deal with line cutters.

Please NO / YouTube


You’re in for a ride, if you cut that line… in a convertible.

After a weekend in the LES and witnessing some attrocious line cutting, the Metrocard vending machine was the pits, the boys borrowed Dillard’s Chevy Camaro to blow off some steam. The boys cruised around in their hometown of Bay Ridge and admired the Ginger Bread house. They stopped by Fort Hamilton High School to see Mr. Corn for a hot minute, and also picked up their neighborhood chums Arturo and Enrique to catch some more evil in action. A scene accidentally conceived by long time friend Elina Novik in 2013 , who may or may not be tied to the #RussianMob.

Line Cutting

Photo by Elina Novik


Make it Mo’

Guest appearing in the video Algernon Quashie from the Miniature Tigers, a surprise role we can’t even talk about here cause it’s so hot. Also getting down with us in this one is Lilian and Jillian — a mother daughter YouTube team we met while covering the WuTang Parental Advisory show, who also share our sentiments on line cutters. They did this fun behind the scenes video, which we’ll be forever puzzled at how it was filmed (stealth moves!)

No more line cutting folks. Acting like you are unaware or on your phone to inch ahead, is a classic tactic that just isn’t cool. We see you slick-o. We understand you want to be first to get the next hottest product, but you can do that patiently — you don’t want to upset one-tooth Nelson on the line who Lord knows what he’ll do to your body .

We’re not really sure what a line butter is, but this is a good prank piece by Complex on what happens when one cuts the line. Another rule to follow is to just be like Lenny Kravitz.