Is Dust Making You Obese? Science? (Video)

Writer/Comedian and friend Tim Duffy has been featured in a lot of Comedy Central videos lately that are just amazing. In this short trippy experiment, Tim aka Scientist Clickbait Trash Detector, makes a good case for dust and how it’s contributing to your obesity. Deep diving into ‘what is dust?’ and ‘if dust is chubbing me up?’ is a worth-while venture with amazing results — the answers may blown your mind CLICK ME

Some of Tim’s previous Comedy Central videos feature him as a dedicated foley artist and has a real knack at “creating silence”. Tim also plays the lead role in Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others, a short in which we collaborated with director Geoff Celis, where Tim plays Jim, a Morrissey fan who has to prove to his friends he can wrestle and win, in an amateur Luchador  match.


We made a thing. Go to @comedycentral to watch it. #marchmadness #freethenipple

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