Video : Holiday Lights, Gimme the lights!

A Bobo Touch Original.

Well we got a fun holiday video for ya! Introducing Roy and De Pouchiano, in the ultimate Dyker Heights anthem. Get your coquito bottles out, put your dance shoes on and get READY. We got the Dyker Heights Christmas lights here. This super pop song is electric and inspired by our deep fascination with growing up with the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights just blocks away from us, and one time being freaked out by an angel whispering sweet soliloquies in our ears. Also our late Uncle Crospey taught us the way to roll during Christmas time. We are very blessed, and couldn’t wait to make this video for you all.

These two were washed ashore outside Lenny’s auto repair on Benson ave. They got word of the lights and couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. They ventured out after having a bunch of chicken rolls and the night was just spectacular… WHAT A NIGHT.

There was some conflict with De Pouchiano being a father of nine but nothing trumps going out with Roy. Roy, once a critically acclaimed body builder, recently left that career to pursue gardening and is here visiting his Aunt Eileen on holiday.

dyker heights christmas lights

Roy and De Pouchiano


 We want you to have a blast this New Years, just remember to be safe and don’t line cut if you go see the lights. See ya’ll in 2016.