Hidden GoPro Captures Grandma and Talks Ol’ Brooklyn

If you ever wondered what those Brooklyn wise guys were doing in the late 80’s, then we got the video for you. Grandma is stranded one night after an event in Brooklyn and Rizz is asked to drive Grandma home. He uses a Hidden GoPro to capture the car ride while they talk ol’ Brooklyn and fire bombs.

Rizz is a very responsible dude, and smooth driver, and he really enjoys a nice evening drive on the Belt Parkway. Last night Grandma Pellicani had a baby shower to attend to at the Fort Hamilton Army Base, which might we add, is tough to get into. Makes sense it’s an army base! You need about 10 levels of ID’s and have your name listed at a booth. Once you are in it’s very easy to get lost in their roundabouts and exits that aren’t exits, but nonetheless it’s a pretty chill unique place.

Grandma was in need of a ride back home to Long Island, so Rizz thought this was a good opportunity to get some of her Brooklyn stories on film. Grandma, a Brooklyn Sunset Park native, moved out of the neighborhood in 1989 to Valley Stream Long Island, cause the neighborhood was changing and getting dangerous.  “They fired bombed the car outside our house, a bunch of wise guys — flames came up outside our window” Grandma tells Rizz. They also discussed social media and grandpa’s behind, which is pretty awkward.

We have always been so intrigued about old Brooklyn and the real stories that came out of the neighborhood. We too have seen it change and wanted to hear more of these stories first hand. Although we are kinda bummed Grandma sold her beautiful house in Sunset Park (would be worth a fortune now), we are happy that she feels safe now. It is clear she definitely does not miss Brooklyn. It’s also clear she doesn’t know about this video, and if she ever finds out she would search “Yoo Hoo” instead of “YouTube”, ah we love her! Also, don’t ever ask her about getting on Facebook, she will cut you down.