Helpline Episode 1 to Air on Bric’s ‘Brooklyn Free Speech’ Channel

brooklyn free speech

Some very exciting news to report! Bobo Touch Helpline Episode1 is now officially part of the Brooklyn Free Speech HD lineup. Brooklyn Free Speech HD is a new channel that’s part of the New York Emmy-winning Brooklyn Free Speech community television network. Made possible by BRIC Media Center, they go above and beyond for filmmakers — “where media dreamers become media makers, we provide education and opportunity, for all” as their site states. We had a chance to visit their studio and it was super cool. We are stoked they dig our work, and happy to be part of the BRIC family. Our episode will run on TV for one week, so set your DVR and tell some friends!! It’s also set to stream on their online channel worldwide, details below.


Premiere Date: 6/5/2018
Premiere Time: 11:30am & 6pm & 9:30pm 
Replay Day: TUES/THUR/SAT | 11:30am & 6pm & 9:30pm, SUN 11:30am & 3pm



Channel (watch exclusively in Brooklyn) 

  • Verizon   47
  • Spectrum (formerly Time Warner)   1993
  • Optimum (formerly Cablevision)   951

Watch via streaming (anywhere in the world) 

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Bobo’s living room. Photo by Doron Gild