CJ & Balsamic Vin Review the Staten Island Motor Lodge Tho (Video)

Casey Jost has been making some pretty hilarious videos called “Staten Island News”, where he reads SI Live, literally. We have been digging in a lot to these beautiful gems. This one features Impractical Joker’s Sal Vulcano, and is sponsored by grilled chicken. Things get pretty strange and these reviews really have us wanting to visit this motel. What we love most is that Casey (the editor, allegedly)  leaves in their natural laughing moments, raw and nice. You can tell it’s off the cuff the way we like it, good to know Casey brings Sal along to when he buys Escalades. This is legit and their accents are dreamy Shaolin. Check out more Staten Island News on Casey’s Youtube channel and also check out Pizza Toppings in which we helped film and guest starred.