Check out ‘Trevor Miracles’ a Salacious Love Story

In this special Throwback Thursday edition, we take you back to a very odd love story that went down in Key West. A classic guy meets girl, guy can’t obtain girl, story. It’s pretty sweet and the journey of love is always arduous. “You gotta just follow your heart, even if it ends in heart break” Willie Blue tells Bobo over some IPA’s after watching. Some say it reminds them of Topo Vs Nelbo, some say it’s Rizz as the girl, some say there will be a sequel soon? I guess the world will never know…

Trevor Miracles

With a very SICK remix of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing” by Dusty Fingerz, this piece is truly odd and uncomfortable. Dusty Fingerz, a frequent Bobo collaborator and often appears in our videos, also did Bonz’s remix album “No Data” which we highly recommend giving a listen. Overall the Bobo wives love this piece, but we’re still not so sure of it, but we’re gonna share it anyway.

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