Check Out This Gloriously Hot 90’s Webseries “The Place We Live”

We recently checked out the IFC Comedy Showcase at the Pit Loft and we had a fantastic time. The night was filled with up and coming comics who are part of IFC’s “Comedy Cribs“, a platform for off beat original webseries. The hosts Dara Katz and Betsy Kenney absolutely tore it up, and was a pleasure to watch. They premiered an episode from their new webseries “The Place We Live”, which is now out and we really dig its 90’s vibe!

Clearly inspired by soap operas (we see some All My Children in there, our mom’s favorite!), each episode has a new dilemma. Whether it’s Corey (Casey Jost), moving into a van with his parents or Lee’s pill popping “raging roid” addiction (Jonathan Braylock), each episode follows these 5 characters into the unknown often with great surprises. It’s funny cause Corey’s entrance back into his apartment in episode1 feels A LOT LIKE our sitcom “Nosotros” . Episode 3 might just be our favorite with all the tension in the club, and that beautifully executed dialogue drift up penis talk with Lee and Corey at the end. Besty and Dara’s writing is something special and we’re glad we discovered this.

Check out below for some awesome 90’s feels. Also check out this nice interview with Betsy and Dara and about their process.