Chase and Rose’s Hilarious New Music Video Is Our Summer Anthem

Back in June we covered the release of this magical sunny pop album by Chase and Rose, and now they blessed the internet with their first music video “Summertime” which is clearly our summer anthem. These are just two dudes who absolutely love summer and want to share it with the world, we can fap to that!

This precious colorful video opens up in a beach setting, very clearly California, showing Chase and Rose prepping for their beach day. The two are overly prepared, even equipped with ice skates! Scenes of massive beach lotion, bro-loving, boat sightings, and other oddities that just makes you very happy. They don’t like wack girls, and get very excited over black girls. One thing this video has got us thinking is that we are totally applying our sun block wrong.

Chase has great gams / YouTube

This video, directed by Kevin Etherson (Thursday Shoots), is a perfect reminder that summer is not over! Get happy, get your towels and remember that you’re alive. It’s good to be alive! The team is releasing a new music video for the next three Tuesdays, cleverly at 11:24, but providing “no link in bio” according to their Instagram account so figure it out!

It also seems the fans agree about the being the summertime anthem.

So get excited for the next wave of music videos coming, cause we sure as hell are. Follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook and make sure your abs are on your stomach. 

Abs on your stomach! / YouTube