Bushwick Tarzan to Air on ‘Brooklyn Free Speech’ Channel

brooklyn free speech
We are thrilled to announce another round of ‘we are coming to your tv’ with Brooklyn Free Speech. Back in June, Episode 1 aired for a week and now Episode 2 “Bushwick Tarzan” will air for one week as well.

Brooklyn Free Speech HD is a new channel that’s part of the New York Emmy-winning Brooklyn Free Speech community television network. Made possible by BRIC Media Center, they go above and beyond for filmmakers — “where media dreamers become media makers, we provide education and opportunity, for all” as their site states.

The response has been excellent and various media outlets have covered us. Our favorite is this review from Vulture.

Bonz and Rizzo’s Bobo Touch is so fun because it feels authentic — like they’ve invited us to watch them fuck around, but they’re also totally cool if we can’t make it. The show’s going on either way.


Premiere Date: 9/17/2018

Premiere Time: 4:32am2:32pm10:32pm

Replay Day: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays



Channel (watch exclusively in Brooklyn) 

  • Verizon 47
  • Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) 1993
  • Optimum (formerly Cablevision) 951

Watch via streaming (anywhere in the world) 

Since the episode release, Bushwick Tarzan has been cooling down and reflecting about everything that happened. He released a new album under his artist name Hot Throb and things are back to zen paradise. Here’s a few moments to give you an update post acid trip.