Brian Bonz’s Residency Comes To End With Standup 69’s

Brian Bonz took over Pianos for the entire month of April and it was a sick ride. At first the venue was skeptical of this Jack Black Mac Hanson hybrid child, but overall very pleased with Mr. Bonz’s ability to mention dildos, molly and 69’s about 3200 times. Now if only our dear bridge and tunnels were there to see how native New Yorkers really get down in the Lower East Side. While playing music is cool and all, we found various crews there just to see Bonz’s standup. The turnout was great and the vibe was super chill. There were eclectic bands ranging from rock, electronic, hip hop and even musician Matthew Davis! Brian Bonz’s residency comes to end, sadly, but whats even more sad is the guy who was promised a 69 and didn’t receive it.

Last Night’s Lineup

  • Per Party of 6
  • Jessi Robertson
  • The Courtesy Tier
  • Brian Bonz & The Major Crimes
  • Basic Shapes


Check out Brian Bonz & The Major Crimes performing Judy and the Alpha Queen, and look at that wig!