Brian Bonz “The Triborough Odyssey” is Here

Brian Bonz - The Triborough OdysseyBrian Bonz’s second album is here and we love it, and not just because Bonz is our baby daughter, but because it touches on real Brooklyn shit. Premiering a little over a year after “From Sumi to Japan“, we are impressed with our daughter’s quick turnaround. Go Bon Bon! Songs have been written from Bonz’s life experiences. “Flashlights & Baseball Bats” is about a Brooklyn blackout that we all experienced together, where Bay Ridge felt like World War Z/28 days later movie and we were all drinking & smoking (on a block with a police precent). So surreal and nobody gave a shit about anything — everybody was all about enjoying a summer night in the dark, smoking and at times scared of tough guys with baseball bats (our friend Henry). Bonz’s dad narrates what he experienced that night too. That’s the voice you hear, that’s no sample, just a crazy mailman.


Songs like “A Harlem Hand, a Harlem Heart” sets a groove that makes your booty go boom with warm horns, beautiful synchronized guitars and harmonies – very catchy and warrants multiple listens. Other favorites are The Honey Bee and “Terror In the Bonneville”, what sounds like a more traditional rock approach, actually isn’t. Honey Bee’s female vocals makes a lot of sense and the breaks really shred. The guitars and insane bass lick feels 90’s but then not, hrmph how do they do it?

Check it out on iTunes here.

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And if you like behind the scenes stuff, check out this vid below by Dusty Fingerz.