Video : Brian Bonz & the Major Crimes “Honey Bee”

Brian Bonz & the Major Crimes releases their new music video “Honey Bee” off their latest album The Triborough Odyssey. Bonz who plays master Bee and fellow bandmates who are the bee keepers display some real bee keeper authenticity. It must have been really hard to play in those yellow gloves though? Oh music videos! The video starts off with a bit of an old-timey graphic treatment and concludes with a surprise battle (super Bonz-esque). You can tell this video was a lot of fun to shoot — we can only surmise the director knows Wolf Carr.

Direction, Edit, & Post: Thomas Parrinello
Assistant Director: Katrina Lofaro
Director of Photography: Cory Dross
Assistant Camera: Chris Shimojima
Prop & Makeup: Cassandra Jones

Special thanks: Vin Farrell, Goody