Brian Bonz “From Sumi to Japan” Is Like a Dream


Brian Bonz “From Sumi to Japan” is like a dream fans say – an album that can be played over and over. This isn’t an ordinary rock album, it’s quite diverse and you can tell a lot of thought went into it, or as some fans on iTunes put it “Well Designed”. Ranging from ambient and very dreamy atmospheric tunes like “Two Tree Blockade” to ballsy upbeat rock like “Judy & the Alpha Queen“, and not forgetting his singer/songwriter roots with songs like “Dee the Dinosaur” and “The Tug”, this 11 song album has a lot for everyone. It even features bad ass horn parts and thrashing keyboards! The Dot Hongs consist of Mike Strandberg (guitar), EJ Decoske (keyboard), Jinda Phommavongsa (Bass), and Mike Rizzo (Drums) and the name originates from their dear friend Dorothy Hong, a talented photographer pal they met along the way.

Check out the full album here!


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