Awesomely Bad Spoof Bay Ridge Commercial

My damn tire went flat!

My damn tire went flat!










This is something special and very awkward. We were sent this awesomely bad spoof Bay Ridge commercial by one of our friends recently and it did not let us down. It hurts so bad to watch, but so good you have to watch it again. It holds a very special place in our hearts because it’s hard to find other filmmakers in Bay Ridge doing comedy, and the deliberate use of the over the top south Brooklynisms is spectacular.

It all happens when poor Vincenzo’s tire goes flat. Stranded and sad, the quintessential Brooklyn wife with big hair laments about “missing her appointment”. But thank God Bay Ridge Tire’s is around and ready to assist. “Unlike prehistoric fossils… tires… they don’t last” They urge safety while snap-zooming through your face with the worst green screen keying you have ever seen. The use of delicate electronic music fits little Vinny’s dilemma quite nicely too.

Local car commercials are not awesome

We’re pretty sure those god awful Bay Ridge Honda commercials we all grew up with were these guy’s inspiration. You know how many times we heard, “I’ll hook you up at my dad’s dealership bro” growing up. Kinda ridiculous. The clothing choices and quality is pretty 1970’s, which is absolutely fitting for Bay Ridge, being it’s still trapped in that Tony Manero bubble. Staying alive in our hearts <3.



With a sweet 4×3 vintage image, unusual coloring, poorly designed misplaced typography, and nicely timed nuggets of comedy, we think they really hit the nail on the head lampooning the dreaded local car commercials. Not since Bensonhurst 11210 have we seen a better representation of our dear Italian pals. We get you Seymour Babobcik!


For a fantastic mind-blowing experience and (of course) slashed prices, have a look below. We hope one day to run into these guys at The Dog, not fa nuttin.